Nighthunter – that is the energy of the 80s. At a time when aside from Modern Talking or Boy George „real“ bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Metallica ranged on top of the charts. Nighthunter are five rock-crazy musicians which lived their youth during those thrilling times, who were active in various bands and as a result are infected with the Rock-Virus forever. The founding year of the band is 1995.

When our guitarist Roger got us some
practising digs and after several crew
changes the current line-up
emerged in 2001

- Andy Lickford: Shouter
- Roger Röösli: Guitars
- Marcel „Zilti“ Ziltener: Guitars
- Beat „Easy“ Iselin: Bass
- Dan Hammer: Drums

Nighthunter – that means travelling back in time by 20 years.
With Coversongs by Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crue, Kiss, Iron Maiden etc. But those songs are not just played – they are lived, celebrated and anybody who ever experienced Nighthunter live on stage will vouch for that. Nighthunter offer a performance second to none. Five charismatic guys pulling out all stops when on stage – regardless of its size or the number of fans in front of it.

Nighthunter were originally committed to coversongs. Until today we do this with surprising authenticity. But for quite some time now we are writing our own songs. And those of you who know us will appreciate that we do take our time on occasion (except of course on stage) – but that our songs are worth waiting for. And to prove that we did win the much-coveted Minor Prix Walo with a song written by our vocalist in 2004 in the category „Best Rock-Band“. This resulted in appearances of Nighthunter at the Major Prix Walo and on Swiss television.
Those and many other performances like e. g. the famous Open-Air at Hoch-Ybrig, gigs with Primal Fear, Shakra etc. are Highlights of our story which as of yet points always upwards...